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 As of July 2023, the original EdGCM software suite will no longer be updated. The general inability of the database and GCM to run under current versions of MacOS and Windows means it is no longer possible to continue distribution. Windows 10 users may still be able to run EdGCM, and some Windows 11 users have reported it also runs on their systems.


If you are interested in downloading EdGCM to install and test it on your system, please send a request to:





 EzGCM is a cloud-based global climate modeling (GCM) toolkit that allows users to explore computer simulations of climate change. The toolkit duplicates a streamlined method used by NASA’s climate scientists who investigate past and future climate change through the use of GCMs. EzGCM has a graphical user interface that allows users to: 1) run and plot a variety of global climate model simulations, 2) post-process large global climate model data sets, 3) use scientific visualization to analyze complex climate model output.


EzGCM can be found at Permission to create accounts for individuals and institutions may be obtained by writing to: