c  *********************************************************************
c  **
c  ** Model IImac readme
c  ** Based on GCMII code for IBM RS/6000 computers created at GISS
c  ** Modified to compile under Absoft Pro Fortran 6.2 for MacOS.  
c  ** Based on MP030macC9, BA94C9 and MA94DC9
c  **
c  **
c  ** 02/16/01, initial cross-platform version (MFS/JAJ)
c  ** 05/25/01, second sync (MFS/JAJ)
c  ** 10/01/02, third sync with IRIX & X 10.2 & Linux (MFS/JAJ/JAL)
c  **
c  ** NOTES:
c  ** Many of the comments about the code can be found either in the
c  ** source files or in the VOODOO project.
c  **
c  *********************************************************************
c  *********************************************************************

This code is from MP030macC9, BA94C9 and MA94DC9 from Paleo and in more general terms an 8X10 version of Model II. Please read the file namelist documentation to understand the namelist parameters.

Changes from standard Model II:

  1. Merged copy of the code that does not use update decks.
  2. New kOcean=2 mode for deep ocean. The supported kOcean modes in this model are:
  3. Prt, rsf, acc, and oda files are written to sub folders. The Unix scripts have to be modified to handle create these sub folders.
  4. Prt files are split by month. However the first month's prt file contains the first hour information as well.
  5. Rsf files are always written out at maximum size.
  6. The namelist is written out as a file (unit 110) instead of feed directly to standard in. The Unix scripts have to be modified to write out this file.
  7. ISTARTs read different arrays based on kOcean mode instead of always reading the same arrays.
  8. The run number can now be 20 characters long instead of 8.
  9. All output files are named differently. The new names include <month><year>.<file type><run number>, for example APR1901.prtP0044cC9_mac.
  10. Current.Date file contains the tau from the run converted into a mm/dd/yyyy.
  11. TAUP has been removed, but you have a namelist parameter to do the check. With the check enabled the model makes sure that the restart file with within a month and 3 days of the start date for the run.
  12. FORCINGS namelist has been added to the model to support changes to all the the greenhouse gasses and new style trends.
  13. FORCINGSmac.COM supports the new style trends in memory.
  14. FORCINGSmacC9.f has new trend code for the greenhouse gasses and solar. The new trends can be changed via data files specified by unit number in the FORCINGS namelist. This code replaces Jim's A TREND in RFRCmacDBL.
  15. RANDU is now external to MP030bmacC9 to make it portable. RANVAX contains RANDU for MacOS 9/X and Linux. IRIX and AIX will need different random number generator code.
  16. Uses SSW.STOPGCM and unit 3 for stops.
  17. clock replaces MCLOCKS for timing information. Under MacOS X clock returns time in hundreths of a second as MCLOCKS does under AIX.

Platform issues:

  1. Some unit numbers were changed because the model used reserved Fortran unit numbers to handle certain files. In particular the namelist is now read in from unit 110 instead of unit 5, and the restart file is read in from unit 109 instead of unit 9.
  2. 9/X flag in code changes how paths are handled. Paths for acc, rsf, prt, and oda files have hard coded : as folder separators. MacOS 9 uses : instead of / in paths. These paths will have to be fixed in the source code for all other platforms.

Unfinished business:

  1. volcanic aerosols


Where XXX are your initials and YYYY is a word like CHANGED or ADDED.

Use at command line:

This version of the model does not work with setup, run, or runn. To start a run you must link or copy the files to their correct unit numbers and copy the namelist into a fort.110 file. The initial fort.110 file should look exactly like this (between --- lines):

netCDFtest1 (default modern for netCDF files)

  TAUI=8016., IYEAR=1900,


You can then start the model directly or using nohup. The model will output some text to the screen as it runs that says the model version and the current date. You need to modify the fort.110 file to run the rest of the run.

Source files:

READMEmac.f RANVAX.f R83ZAmacDBL.f MP030bmacC9.f RFRCmacDBL.f UTILmacDBL.f FFT36macDBL.f DB11macC9.f FORCINGSmacC9.f Common blocks: BA94C9.COM B83XXDBL.COM FORCINGSmac.COM