The Urban Forestry & Natural Resources Department at the Southern University Agricultural Research & Extension Center (an HBCU) has partnered with EdGCM to give undergraduate and graduate students the ability to readily explore the science behind, and sources of, the future climate projection data used to understand the potential effects of climate change on the agriculture and forestry sectors.


Seminars on Science is the American Museum of Natural History‘s online professional development program for educators. The SoS Climate Change course has partnered with EdGCM to provide teachers an in-depth experience in the use and analysis of NASA’s global climate modeling. Participants learn to run a simulation, analyze computer model output, and use scientific visualization to explore future climate change.


The EdGCM Project is partnering with the Department of Geography at McGill University, and Prof. Renêe Sieber’s Computer Models and Social Change program, to explore the use of climate modeling in Inquiry Based Science Education. We have also teamed with Dr. Sieber’s group at McGill designing Web 2.0 methods to bring educational global climate modeling to a web browser near you.


For nearly a decade, the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have partnered with us to bring climate modeling into the classroom. Undergraduates and graduate students use EdGCM to simulate everything from the Snowball Earth episodes of a billion years ago to future global warming scenarios.

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