Installing New Simulations

Installation of new experiments from the Simulation Library is a two step process: First, you must copy the necessary input files into your EdGCM folder and second, you need to import the simulation (an .xml file) into your EdGCM database. Here’s how to do each step:

Install input files:
1. Download an experiment from the Simulation Library by clicking on it.
2. Unzip the downloaded archive.
3. The unzipped experiment is actually a replica of your EdGCM folder, containing only the files necessary for the new simulation. Look inside each and every folder and move any files to the corresponding folders in your own copy of EdGCM.

Import to your EdGCM database:
1. Start EdGCM.
2. Open Simulation Library from the Go menu
3. Click on the Import button at the bottom of the window. The .xml file to import was included in the archive you downloaded and unzipped. It is located in the Database/Simulation XML folder. (If you need more instructions on how to import xml files watch this video: Importing EdGCM Simulations)
4. Restart EdGCM.

You are now ready to run the new experiment. Return to Simulation Library