Other Utilities

The EdGCM suite of software contains dozens of separate programs to manage almost all aspects of setting up, running, processing, visualizing, and publishing a climate model simulation. Some of the other popular utilties we’ve written, but which are not included in EdGCM are discussed on this page.



(MacOS X only)

SuSpect allows you to view the original GISS climate diagnostic books (PRT files) in digital form. You can load multiple books and compare regions side-by-side. Search and linked-scrolling is supported, as well as the graphical equivalent of two-tone line printer formats.

Special Regions


(MacOS X and Windows)

Special Regions 1.0 allows you to change what locations extra information is collected by the GISS global climate model (GCM). The interface allows you to selection locations on a map of the Earth for different time periods.



(MacOS X only)

ColorBarTender modifies the palettes (color tables) used by AppleWorks in draw and paint mode. You can also create and edit scientific color tables similar to those used on the weather channel. ColorBarTender supports the color table formats used by many popular programs including: PAL, HDF, and AppleWorks Palette. AppleWorks®, IDL®, Transform, NOeSYS®, and Panoply have been tested with color tables created in ColorBarTender.