Following are a variety of useful documents to help you with EdGCM. There are technical manuals, including the popular EdGCM Quick Start Guide, the full EdGCM Manual, and the manual to the EdGCM visualization application (EVA). See also our Supplemental Materials page for a copy of our professional development workshop guide, and some sample exercises.

pdficon_small.gif    EdGCM Quick Start Guide (4.9 MB PDF)

pdficon_small.gif    EdGCM Manual (7.1 MB PDF)

pdficon_small.gif    EVA Manual (2.6 MB PDF)

pdficon_small.gif    Hansen et al., 1983 original reference for GISS Model II (4.3 MB PDF)

For installation help, please see:

pdficon_small.gif    Troubleshooting your EVA update for Windows 7 (135 kB PDF)

pdficon_small.gif    Notes for EdGCM 4.0 installation for Mac OS X 10.8 and higher (89 kB PDF)

See also:

EdGCM Video Tutorials

EdGCM Frequently Asked Questions

EdGCM Workshop Guide and Sample EdGCM Exercise on Global Warming

pdficon_small.gif    Earth Exploration Toolbook Teaching Materials for EdGCM (6.5MB PDF)

For help with EzGCM, please see:

pdficon_small.gif    Getting Started With EzGCM (128 kB PDF)

pdficon_small.gif    MyGCM in EzGCM (388 kB PDF)