Supplemental Materials

Below are several documents that we typically distribute at EdGCM professional development workshops. These include our workshop guide, which contains basic information about global climate models, and two sample exercises, one of which was published online as part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook.

pdficon_small.gif    EdGCM Workshop Guide (6.4 MB)

pdficon_small.gif    EdGCM Global Warming Exercise (1.3 MB)

pdficon_small.gif    Earth Exploration Toolbook: Envisioning Climate Change Using A Global Climate Model (6.5 MB)

See also these sample documents from an EdGCM workshop hosted by the American Meteorological Society at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, June 2011:

pdficon_small.gif    Workshop Agenda

PowerPoint-16.gif    EdGCM Presentation (7.5 MB)